Daniele Turchetti

Postdoctoral Fellow of the ERC TOSSIBERG

Laboratoire de Mathématiques Nicolas Oresme
Université de Caen BP 5186F
14032 Caen Cedex

Office : S3 330
Phone : (+33) 2 31 56 73 74
Email : firstname.lastname@unicaen.fr

Welcome to my personal web page!

I am a Postdoctoral researcher in arithmetic geometry, working in the framework of the ERC project TOSSIBERG directed by Jerôme Poineau.

In the following sections you will find more information about my research, teaching and outreach activities. A rather comprehensive list of my endeavors is contained in my CV.


I received my PhD from the University of Versailles, under the supervision of Ariane Mézard.
I am fascinated by the interaction between algebra, geometry, and number theory. My work is mainly in non-archimedean analytic geometry and Galois theory. I am particularly interested in questions related to the interplay between characteristic zero and positive characteristic (ramification theory, lifting problems, Hurwitz trees), but I am captivated by every phenomenon that might be related to group actions on arithmetic varieties and the representations arising from those.

There are a lot of other topics I like to think of, from time to time. These include (but are not limited to) non-archimedean dynamics, toric and tropical geometry, modular forms, and arithmetic differential equations.

Publications and Preprints

[1]- Weil representation and metaplectic groups over an integral domain (with Gianmarco Chinello), Communications in Algebra 43 (2015), no.6, 2388-2419. arXiv:1309.5181.
[2]-Equidistant liftings of elementary abelian Galois covers of curvesarXiv:1510.06453.
[3]-Galois descent of semi-affinoid spaces (with Lorenzo Fantini), arXiv:1703.03698. To appear in Math. Z.
[4]-Hurwitz graphs and Berkovich curves, preprint. Latest version available here.

Other Documents

Buissons et Balais: la forme des espaces analytiques non-Archimédiens (in French), Images des Mathématiques, CNRS, 2013.
Contributions to Arithmetic Geometry in Mixed Characteristic, my PhD thesis.
- The slides for some talks I have given.


I like to share my wonder for mathematical matters, and I found out that there are several ways to do this outside office and classroom.

In particular, I had the chance to work with the following Associations 

Images des Mathématiques
Association Paris Montagne 
Fête de la Science
Equipe de diffusion de la Culture Mathématique de l'Université de Caen
UTL - Essonne

and I am looking forward to give my contribution to new projects and collaborations.


Spring 2017 - Mathématiques pour l’Administration Economique et Sociale (Université de Caen - Normandie)
Spring 2015 - Statistics (Leiden University College - The Hague)
Spring 2012, Spring 2013, Spring 2014 - Prepa ENSI (Université de Versailles)
Fall 2011, Fall 2012, Fall 2013 - Mathématiques Générales 3 (Université de Versailles)

Upcoming Seminars and Conferences

Other scientific activities

From 2012 to 2014 I have been organizing the PhD student seminar in Versailles.

Together with Thibaud Lemanissier, I have organized in Paris the GdT “Les Incontournables”, on fundamental articles of algebraic geometry. I hope to reboot this project soon, as we are far from reaching the end of our reading list.

In November 2017, together with Jérôme Poineau, we have organized the conference ``Algebraic Geometry with `Fancy’ coefficients'' . A program is still available here